Women Hypnotized

It is Sigmund Freud who laid down the idea that love is a form or a step to hypnosis. The love-object is the hypnotist while the one in love is the one subject to a trance like state of hypnosis.

Women in love are then women hypnotized. This phenomenon of hypnotism in women is simple: the man or love-object is the center of attention and thus commands easy suggestion toward the woman who is in love; and no other attention is given to any other object. The hypnosis then exists in the relationship as devotion naturally flows from the woman hypnotized and flows out in an unlimited degree.

If unrequited, the torment can be extremely heartbreaking. Good thing, there are ways to help the heartbroken by snapping the woman hypnotized out of the hypnosis. This can be done by another means of hypnosis as well. As hypnosis is a state of wakefulness with extreme suggestibility, the woman in love can be helped out of he
r miserable, broken hearted state. Easy suggestion of not being infatuated or attracted to the object of desire can be suggested to the woman so as to help her move on with her life.

While some may frown at the idea and effectiveness of hypnosis, it is definitely worth a shot as one does not stand to lose anything except the baggage of unrequited love.

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