How To Hypnotize for Free

Seeing as hypnosis is one powerful tool towards general self-improvement, many people are finding ways to hypnotize one’s self or close friends for free. The first step in hypnotizing for free is to understand what hypnosis is and how it works.

Hypnosis is simply a heightened state of consciousness where every suggestion is well regarded and acted upon if the suggestion so wishes. The mind works over the body after the suggestion is imparted to it. This is only achieved through a state of physical relaxation. It is then assumed that relaxation is the first tangible step on how to hypnotize for free. One must be helped to relax, by means of concentration in order to achieve a state of hypnosis. After the state of physical relaxation is achieved, mental concentration must be chanelled towards the outside suggestion.

There are many step by step resources on online on how to hypnotize for free. While there are
easy ways to hypnotize someone for free, it is important to note that with certain capabilities, one must be responsible with the actions which will ensue after the hypnosis session. Never suggest dangerous actions. Never let anyone do what you would not want to be done unto you. Do not attempt anything dangerous such as therapy or curing phobias, leave it to the professionals. It can create ill effects home hypnotists have no control or knowledge over.

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