How To Hypnotize

The basic idea behind hypnosis is that it begins with the individual hoping to achieve the effect. In fact, all form of hypnotism is self-hypnotism with the hypnotist acting as a guide to the individual. Through the power of words, one can control another’s body. Here are a few tips on how to hypnotize.

1. The first step in hypnosis is relaxation. As the state of hypnosis is a very relaxed physical state coupled with heightened suggestibility and attention. Make your subject in a comfortable chair in a room where there are no outside noises. Make him or her relax without making them fall asleep.

2. Begin by making your subject let go of all the tension at the moment. Breathing exercises as well as concentration exercises are a great way to help one release some tensions. Let your subject breathe in and breath out consciously helping him or her begin their relaxed state.

3. Suggest other forms of rela
xation such as relaxation of the muscles as well as the removal of other distracting mental noises.

4. Start counting helping your subject do the opposite of tensing up. By each count, slowly relaxing more and more.

Understand that common sense is the first tool in hypnotism. Never let your subject do dangerous things and assume dangerous situations.

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