It is all in your mind, or you might prefer: mind over matter. This is the principle behind hypnosis. Because the body believes and subscribes to what the mind dictates to it. The state of hypnosis is then something which is delivered by the mind to the body with the help of an outside suggestion. The body follows through and believes what the mind is telling it to do.

The state of being hypnotized is then a state of mind. Some people think that to be hypnotized means to be asleep while following the suggestions of an outside factor. In fact, hypnosis is a state of complete wakefulness characterized by easy suggestibility and focused attention.

Hypnosis has in fact proven to be a very successful tool for self-improvement. People have turned to hypnosis for quitting smoking, for helping someone get over loss, for weight loss, among other things. More and more people are seeing successful results from being h

While there are many skeptics who believe that being hypnotized is just a placebo effect. Hypnotism is in fact a state which taps in the power of suggestion and programs the mind to believe the suggestion. It employs methods as well as other techniques to follow through the suggestion in hopes of producing fruitful effects.

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